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The December 1st patch brings with it a change to the quirks on nearly every mech in the game. Some of the changes are small, some are large, and some are actually worth trying out! I'm going to go over the outliers first, before breaking down what's actually changed for each and every chassis, with the goal of giving a brief summary rather than every single change for every single variant.

Quirk Changelist

Big Winners

  • The BJ-1X didn't gain much in terms of offensive numbers, but its existing quirks got generic'd, which might make it amazing at the longer (or shorter) ranged stuff. Oh yeah, and it got its structure doubled.
  • The BJ-3 got those same defensive quirks, and its PPC quirks were pretty much doubled too, making it potentially the best PPC poptart in the game.
  • The Cicadas got re-done, with the CDA-2A focusing on duration and range, the CDA-2B focusing on heat gen and cooldown, and the CDA-X5 just having lots of amazing quirks - 25% missile cooldown, 35% energy range, and lots of supplementals.
  • The HGN-732B kept its defensive craziness (less unique now, but still sizable), and got buffed offensively too. Nothing seriously new, but the 25% energy range quirk warrants a mention.
  • The QKD-4G doesn't have great hardpoints, but it gets really nice generic energy quirks - 15% cooldown, heat gen and duration, and 25% range. This is potentially the best energy quirk package in the game, outside of things like Locusts.
  • The ON1-V got generic'd and a UAC jam chance quirk was added, along with some pretty decent defensive quirks. Lots of problems remain, but it might be worth another go.
  • The BL-7-KNT-L, previously the worst of the Black Knights, is now the best. It is tied in the chassis for the best range (20%) and heat gen (10%) quirks, but also has 15% duration in addition to the biggest engine.
  • The Oxide upped its game,losing a tiny bit of heat gen quirkage and range for velocity and really nice defensive quirks.
  • The RVN-4X is didn't lose its special laser quirks (which is actually notable) and picked up lots of mobility bonuses and some defensive quirks too.
  • The Huginn lost almost all of its SRM-4 specific craziness, but its non-cooldown quirks got pumped up and it got a lot of durability.
  • The HBK-4SP actually lost a bit of its punch, but it got crazy Blackjack-style defensive quirks and may be able to leverage those well.
  • The SHD-2H now has a 25% generic ballistic cooldown quirk - need I say more?


  • Locusts didn't change much; all but the LCT-1E got slight mobility buffs, the LCT-1V got big defensive quirks, and there were some small offensive changes.
  • Commandos all received decent buffs to their defenses, with some offensive changes sprinkled in but nothing serious.
  • Spiders all got defensive and mobility buffs, but very little changed offensively.
  • Urbanmechs mostly stayed the same, but the UM-R60L lost its heat gen quirk which will hurt it.
  • Firestarters almost all got nerfed a teeny tiny bit, but nothing really worth mentioning.
  • Jenners got extra mobility for the most part, with the JR7-D and Oxide both getting much better missiles and the Oxide getting really nice defensive quirks too. The JR7-K and JR7-F both got hurt a bit, but nothing serious.
  • Panthers had their offensive quirks rebalanced (nothing huge) and they all got good defensive quirks, but there's nothing huge.
  • Ravens are a mixed bag - the RVN-2X and RVN-3L didn't change much, but the RVN-4X got way better with defensive and mobility quirks and the Huginn gave up some of its SRM4 cooldown for better durability and nice auxiliary offensive quirks.
  • Wolfhounds all got a bit better in every way, just becoming a more well-rounded chassis.

  • Cicadas all got defensive and mobility quirks, in addition to some really nice sort-of-new offensive quirks across the board.
  • Blackjacks are all much improved thanks to big defensive and mobility quirks almost across the board and a considerable amount of genericification.
  • Vindicators all got better thanks to big boosts to both defensive and offensive quirks, but nothing through the roof apart from PPC velocity.
  • Centurions got a lot of non-changes, with just slight adjustments for the most part. Most things got better, but not by much.
  • Crabs got better for the most part, with only the CRB-27SL missing out on big defensive quirks. Offensively, they got a bit better but not much.
  • Enforcers are mostly the same, with only the ENF-4R and ENF-5P getting big changes for the better.
  • Hunchbacks all got extra mobility to various degrees, but nothing defensively except for on the HBK-4SP which got big buffs. Offensively, the 4J and Grid Iron got de-gimmicked and the HBK-4P got a bit better.
  • Trebuchets are more of the same - decent defensive quirks and some offensive tinkering.
  • Griffins are the same too, some defensive quirks and a few offensive ones getting tweaked but nothing major.
  • Kintaros didn't get much of a change, mainly defensive stuff and a few weird offensive bits thrown in.
  • Shadowhawks finally got real quirks instead of the token ones they had before. They're all good, but the SHD-2H's 25% generic ballistic cooldown is particularly interesting.
  • Wolverines got a bit de-gimmicked, but there weren't many huge changes.

  • Dragons got some defensive and mobility quirks, but the only change of note is the DRG-1N's de-gimmickification.
  • Quickdraws all got defensive and mobility quirks, with the non-hero variants also getting great generic energy quirks. All the variants won, and the IV4 got a huge buff.
  • Catapults got the same treatment - defensively improved, some mobility boosts, and some offensive ones too. Nothing big.
  • Jagermechs got more defined - the JM6-A for AC/20s, the JM6-DD for UACs, JM6-FB for vomit and JM6-S for Gauss. Some nice defensive quirks across the board, and a couple mobility-based ones too.
  • Thunderbolts all got genericified, and the TDR-5SS in particular was de-gimmicked. Only the Top Dog got (or rather, kept) significant defensive and mobility quirks, and it also got a nice range quirk.
  • Grasshoppers mainly got mobility buffs, with the GHR-5P and GHR-5H being the main recipients of additional offensive ones.
  • Cataphracts essentially got their defenses buffed to the level of the old CTF-0XP, and offensively they all got a bit better but not by much. Their movement got slight boosts too.
  • Black Knights all got hefty defensive, offensive, and mobility-based buffs. Particularly the variants which were worse before will be much better - the BL-7-KNT-L sticks out.
  • Orions all got really nice defensive quirks, and a smattering of mobility ones too. Offensively, there were a bunch of little buffs (particularly for the ON1-V).

  • Awesomes got slight defensive and mobility buffs, and offensively not much changed. The AWS-8R and AWS-8Q both got better at their existing roles, though.
  • Zeuses all got their quirks shuffled around, lots of changes but in the end not a whole lot is much different.
  • Victors all got the Shadowhawk treatment, adding a bunch of new quirks to replace the old ones. All sorts of offensive, defensive, and mobility buffs in play, but nothing crazy.
  • Battlemasters have the same story; not much of a difference at all. Most things got a bit better, but only barely.
  • Stalkers got the same treatment, tiny nerfs and buffs sprinkled around but nothing major.
  • Highlanders all got some boosts to mobility, but the variants with speed boosts lost them. The main winner was the HGN-732B, which kept all of its amazing quirks and just got more offensive bonuses.
  • Maulers got a bit of genericification (which really helps the MX90), but not much of note changed.
  • Banshees barely changed, some genericification went on but that's about it.
  • Atlases all got big defensive and mobility quirks, with some slight re-balancing of their offensive power. Only the AS7-S got way more badass.
  • King Crabs didn't get much, just teeny offensive buffs for the most part.

Clans barely got changed. Most of what happened was removing unnecessary (though sometimes large) mobility quirks, and toning down some of the offensive quirks too. The biggest thing worth mentioning was the Arctic Cheetah losing its structure quirks on its legs.


The first thing that stuck out to me was the move away from 50/50 quirks where any mech with a weapon-specific quirk (like Large Laser Cooldown) would get half the quirk's value to the weapon itself and half to all weapons of that type. This would be represented by a mech having, say, 7.5% generic Energy Cooldown with an extra 7.5% Cooldown specific to Large Lasers, bringing the total Large Laser Cooldown down by 15% total. Now, many such quirks have been folded together into a single generic quirk, sometimes with the same total value as before (so, the new quirk would just be a 15% generic energy quirk) and sometimes with a new value between that and the old generic (such as 10% in this example). Others have just had their component quirks rebalanced, such as by having a 10% generic component and 5% specific. Yet others have just been nerfed, either by just removing the specific component and leaving a low generic, or by reducing both. And a select few have had their quirk values rebalanced to have the specific bit higher than the generic, such as the BJ-1 which has a 20% heat gen on AC/2s and only 5% generic. I feel that this is to specifically avoid mechs being overly strong at certain things - for example, this would be to prevent AC/20 builds from being the focus of the variant.

I like most of this as it encourages more variety for a single mech, allowing many of the mechs to be stronger than they were before. For example, the CRB-27B had its 7.5+7.5 ER Large Laser Heat Gen quirk turned into a 10+5 one. The ERLL builds on that mech were on par with the builds that used a regular Large Laser before, but now even though the ERLL builds remain at relatively the same power, the Large Laser one gets even better, leading to a better mech (and the Crab could use the help).

Another pattern is that IS mechs have had their defensive and mobility quirks turned up a notch, while the outlying offensive ones have been turned down a bit. You can see this in the case of the Dragons, where the DRG-1N's 50% AC/5 CD quirk has become 30%, but all Dragons (including the 1N) got boosts to their turning, twisting, and component health. In fact, I would say that this is one of the defining features of the patch; a de-gimmickification. Lots of IS mechs were only powerful thanks to huge offensive quirks specific to certain weapons - including the RVN-H, DRG-1N, HBK-GI, TBT-7M, HBK-4J, TDR-5SS, WVR-6R (almost all of which were among the strongest IS mechs before the patch). These have all kept some of the highest weapon quirks in the game, but they are no longer outliers, having only a slight edge on their competition rather than double the values.

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<a href="http://youtu.be/vfmS4y5BlOQ" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://youtu.be/vfmS4y5BlOQ</a>

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I'm sure you all have heard about the new 5-ton Jagermech skin they're releasing for $20-40. I mean I get that some people want the Rifleman but I'm kinda bored of having the same old mech, yaknow? Which is worsened by how many of these chassis have variants which are complete duplicates of each other (and with this, some of the Rifleman variants are almost identical to each other and Jagermech variants).

So let's talk about builds! First thing I gotta say is that, since 3 of the 4 are super duper similar, the builds for those 3 (so, the 3N, 3C, and LK) are pretty much completely exchangeable. Now, onto the builds!


  • Endo, Ferro (one dead arm, legs at 46, head at 16), XL280 (83.2 KPH)
  • Gauss Rifle with 2.5 tons ammo
  • 3 Large Lasers
  • 11 DHS

This is a build I run a lot on the Jagermech already (actually prefer it to double gauss even though I don't think it's as good), but obviously with more ammo and heat sinks. Though it seems like it'll be a little worse on the Rifleman than the Jager, I still think it will be the best option for the chassis, and you can do it on 3 of the 4 variants. I hope that this variant gets energy gen quirks, as it has the most energy hardpoints apart from the pure energy boat, and if you want to fit ballistics on as well as energy weapons you won't have much room for heat sinks.


  • Endo, standard armor (48 each leg, 16 head), XL200 (59.4 KPH)
  • 2 Gauss Rifles with 5.5 tons ammo
  • 10 DHS

I think that this build's sluggishness will hold it back. You can up the engine to a 225 for an extra 8 KPH, which would be workable, but that would drop you to 4 tons of ammo, or 4.5 if you really drop your armor. Hoping this variant gets ballistic cooldown quirks, as one of them probably will and this is the most ballistic focused, apart from the hero.


  • Endo, Ferro (dead arm, 54 each leg), XL290 (86.1 KPH)
  • 4 Large Pulse Lasers
  • 14 DHS

Might run a bit hot, depending on quirks, but it's a strong build and the LPL is creeping up in popularity as of late. Hoping we get energy range quirks on this variant to enable such builds.


  • Endo, standard armor (legs at 47, max everywhere else), XL225 (66.8 KPH)
  • 2 AC/20 with 6 tons ammo
  • 10 DHS

It's a little hot and a lot slow (for a "brawler), but it's the lightest viable AC/40 in the game (blackjacks and cicadas don't count). I'm not sure what quirks I want on this, maybe ballistic range and heat gen to cover the AC/40's weaknesses.

So in the end...

While I'm really not a fan of the monotony that we see in this chassis, I do think that this will be a solid mech. As far as class-matching goes, yeah it's not gonna compete, but in its weight bracket it will easily be the best 60-tonner in the game, and I think it will be better than the 55-tonners as well, though I'm not sure how much better (quirks and hitboxes will have to determine that). Could be a really nice sweet-spot mech.

Been a while since we've seen a new mech with high mounts, so I'm looking forward to it.

<a href="http://youtu.be/EJr0RQ9svX4" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://youtu.be/EJr0RQ9svX4</a>

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