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Artist: Spooky777
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Highslide JS

This patch was intense. All sorts of new weapons, new equipment, and new mechs hit us hard, and it's a bit of a process to digest it all. Personally, I'm a fan of the changes overall (though ghost heat on gauss rifles is silly), and I think it's injected a good deal of novelty and fun into the game.

This piece is going to be focused on the new mechs - of course, this does kind of require some discussion of tech, but we're gonna keep that to a minimum. Since this is a full mech pack of 4 chassis that I'm going to be reviewing, we might not be going in depth on each and every variant, but I want to hit the main notes for each of the mechs.

The Cougar

ATMs, baby!

Skill Tree

ATMs are not some incredible broken OP-pls-nerf weapon, but they're pretty good if you play it right. And for some reason, the Cougar has given me some of the best results with ATMs; this build being the chief performer. As long as you can stay between 120 and 310 meters of your target, you're gonna be rocking 81 damage alphas, and even out to around 600 (though I don't know the exact number) you're still doing 54 points, which is more than a light, or even a medium, should be able to.

The downside (aside from the 120m min range) is that you need that reinforcement pack or the Hero in order to build it out. And idk how many people want to actually spend more than the base amount on the Cougar.

Hero Dakka

Skill Tree

Any true medium mech would be able to run 3 UAC/5s instead of 2, but this is alright I guess. The DPS isn't nuts, but if you can keep it up for a while you'll be good. The high mounts also make it great for just peaking over cover a bit, and it can trade pretty effectively.

On the other hand, firing your weapons literally blinds you for a fraction of a second, and you need the Hero omnipods to make it work. So, not for everyone.

Base Pack Laser Vomit

Skill Tree

This one I built out specifically to accomodate people who only want to buy the base pack, because damn I think every other build uses either the Reinforcement or Hero omnipods. It still works pretty good as a laser sniper/vomit-er, but it's not one of the builds I'd focus on.

Base Pack Brawler

Skill Tree

This is the last build that I want to highlight, just because I was shocked by how not-terrible it is. You can lean pretty heavily on the UAC/20, and honestly it's worth considering dropping or downgrading the SRMs just to add more ammo, but when you put it all together it's a massive punch.

Survivability is a massive issue though, and you'll die fast if you get noticed.

Overall Thoughts

Expectations were low. Real, real low. But I actually ended up really enjoying my time with this mech. It's not great, or even good, but it's far from the travesty I was looking forward to.

The obvious problem with the Cougar is that, while it has the armor and profile of a light, it has the speed of a heavy and the pod space of a skinny medium. It's not a great combination in theory, and it turns out it's not great in practice either! But I'm glad there were at least a few builds that I could have some fun with.

4/10: Not enough armor.

The Uziel

UZL-2S (Heavy PPCs)

Skill Tree

I gotta say, I think the Uziel (and this variant in particular) might be the best mech to run 2 Heavy PPCs on, and I'm a big fan of that build in general. You're basically running double gauss on a 50 tonner. Sure, it's hot and has a minimum range, but the lack of a need to charge and a lower cooldown balance that out for the most part.

An alternative to this build shows up on the UZL-6P, which certainly resolves problems that the UZL-2S had around low mounts, not enough JJs, and survivability, but the loss of velocity and heat dissipation kills it for me.

UZL-2S (Dakka)

Skill Tree

The UZL-2S having two go-to builds (I originally was going to say great, but that'd just be false) makes it the best variant in my opinion. But I don't think that 2 UAC/5s is quite enough firepower when it doesn't have good cooldown or jam chance quirks. That being said, the high mounts are fantastic.

UZL-3S (Gauss Vomit)

Skill Tree

This isn't a stand-out build, but it's real solid. You can lean on the Gauss for a while (might even want to swap out a JJ for a half ton of ammo), and the ER Med is one of the top new weapons in my book. I feel like one or two extra energy hardpoints could have pushed this into being really good, but hey. What're ya gonna do.

Belial (MRMs)

Skill Tree

I've always been a fan of SRM poptarting, and MRM poptarting has caught my fancy in the Civil War era. The Belial does a decent enough job of it, but it's gotta be said, it doesn't stand up to the SHD-2K's 3x MRM/20 poptarting build.

UZL-6P (Med Pulse)

Skill Tree

Again, not the best mech for the job, but it's a great job for this mech. And as someone who generally hates cooldown quirks on energy builds, I loved them here. I was able to shut down enemy mechs hard with repeated pokes and get pretty crazy DPS.

ER Meds deserves a shout out too, but that one deserves to be on the CDA-2A.

UZL-3P (MechAssault Belial)

Skill Tree

This is a bad build, but it's the closest I could get to something like what the Belial from the original MechAssault might look like in MWO. And I kinda think it stands as a proof of concept for why the Belial in MWO could have paid homage to the original Belial in more than name. But I think I might be the only one bothered by this.

If you want to go full-on OG Belial, btw, here ya go. Disclaimer: These builds may be presented by GMan129, but they are in no way endorsed by him.

Overall Thoughts

Man, I loved the Uziel ever since I laid eyes on it in MW4. I think it ends up being in a similar place to the Bushwacker - it's good enough, and its nostalgia factor is high enough to warrant a buy for the right person, but there's no risk of OP-ness.

Still, there are a lot of things I like about the mech in MWO, even though it's not super fantastic. The high mounts make it very usable - not just the high side torso mounts, but the arms stick out at a pretty high level, around where the cockpit is. That sort of thing is great for QoL, even if the cockpit itself is a bit low.

6/10: IS 50-tonners have a tough life.

The Mad Cat MK II

Deathstrike (Gauss Vomit)

Skill Tree

This variant, regardless of build, has gotten the most attention of all them. For good reason. It's the best variant, and we all knew it would be, and it's possibly one of the best variants in the game in general - it's not a pre-order KDK-3 situation, but it's still stronger than almost all other Assault mechs. This stings balance enough in my opinion, but then there's the added hurt of it being a Hero, and I'm just generally sad about it.

Other builds generally use some sort of heavy laser, be it all heavies or just the larges, and there's multiple variations of each of those builds. Either way, I found ER Meds to be more reliable and more up my alley.

MCII-B (Dakka)

Skill Tree

I was excited for this build, since it's basically a KDK-3 with a jumpjet and arm mounts. But more importantly, because it's on the Mad Cat MK II. It still does work pretty well, but the mounts aren't super high and the damage is a bit lame, which really does hold it back. Still, it's worth a mention, and it's worth a play for sure.

MCII-2 (Brawler)

Skill Tree

It's like a Scorch with a jumpjet. It is strong enough in its role to be worrisome, but its speed makes me almost completely unconcerned about it being P2W (just like with the Scorch). Its lack of defensive quirks also means that its effectiveness as a brawler is limited, but man, if you can get in there, you can tear it up.

MCII-1 (Budget Deathstrike)

Skill Tree

It's simply not as good as the Deathstrike, but it's still a serviceable Gauss Vomit mech, and most importantly, it's in the base pack! So if you love the Mad Cat MK II (one of my all-time favorite mechs, if not #1) but don't want to drop the coinage on the Hero or reinforcement packs, you can still run a full-on meta build! Even if it's sub-optimal...

Overall Thoughts

As I mentioned, I love the Mad Cat MK II. It contends with mechs like the Highlander and Nova Cat for all-time favorite battlemech. In many ways, I'm pleased with its implementation into MWO - it's certainly strong enough and I love its look (my only aesthetic complaints go back to its missile pods - I don't think they look right regardless of the weapon you put in there, and the pegs left behind when you don't equip missiles look bad to me).

My complaints about the mech being too strong all go back to the pre-order system. I know that I'm just a broken record on this one, but I hate the pre-order model because it makes it so that new strongest mechs can't be released without being P2W. I don't think the Mad Cat MK II is strong enough to be P2W, but it still makes me uncomfortable, and it's entirely possible that it's stronger than I give it credit for.

Also, broken jumpjet animation. Thought we were over that.

9/10: Jumpjets should get you way higher.

The Annihilator

ANH-2A (Dakka)

Skill Tree

This is probably the most typical Annihilator build, and it's certainly special as it is the first IS mech capable of 5 UAC/5s, which is quite a powerful build. Despite having one less UAC/5, I even think it's up there with the 6 UAC/5 Dire Wolf, due to the IS UAC/5 using only a single projectile and some crazy armor quirks on top of that. Not that either are at the top of the charts, but still, it's impressive to me.

You can also run this build with 2 UAC/10s to replace 3 of the UAC/5s, both options are great. I was disappointed to discover that the ANH-1A's AC/10 cooldown quirk doesn't seem to apply to UAC/10s, so either variant is equally good at the build.

Another great variation on the build relies on 6 AC/5s, which I'm not as huge a fan of, but is certainly an intriguing option, and uses this Skill Tree.


Skill Tree

It took me a while to stumble onto this build (it wasn't until I realized that the AC/10 quirk didn't apply to UAC/10s that I started considering normie AC/10 builds), but I really dig it. The SNPPC can be swapped out if you can work out a good alternative, but man I love the 30-damage hit on a sub-2 second cooldown. 15 reliable DPS before you even add the next weapon.

ANH-1X (Quad LB 10-X)

Skill Tree

Sure, you could do some Gausszilla shenanigans on this variant, but you'll probably only get to hit one or two mechs with that before the round ends. This isn't incredible, but the DPS is surprisingly good and you're tanky enough to keep dishing out damage for as long as you feel you have to. The lack of speed is felt even more on an LBX build, unfortunately.

ANH-1E (Energy Boat)

Skill Tree

I don't think the Annihilator is a great platform to boat energy due to its low engine cap (limited internal heatsinks for one), but this...this is a good build. I don't completely understand why, but it felt better than most other builds, and its heat rating on Smurfy's is deceptive - it absolutely is hot, but not prohibitively so.

Overall Thoughts

This mech is as slow and sluggish as a Dire Wolf. In fact, the only differences between the two in terms of their agility is that the Annihilator has a bit less torso pitch (and the Dire Wolf isn't exactly known for its pitch) and a good deal more torso twist (which you really, really feel). But to offset the slowness, it not only has the greatest firepower potential of any IS mech, it also has some pretty incredible defensive quirks.

In general, I think the main factor that limits this mech is its engine cap, but man it's a huge limitation. It could be OP as hell, but the engine cap really keeps it in check.

One thing I really love about the Annihilator in the context of this pack is that the Hero is interesting but not the best (or even one of the best), and the base pack has some very useful variants in it.

7/10: Needs a fifth Gauss Rifle.

The Pack Itself

Just for a few general thoughts about the pack...personally, I prefer the mech-a-month. Not in terms of my enjoyment of the game, but man, it makes these reviews way easier and lets me get more in depth. I lost progress in this review alone twice from the annoying forgetting-to-save bug that my brain has, and part of that is due to the amount of material covered. And there's the excuse I'm using for why it took so long!

Not that this stuff matters to the average consumer. I think overall, this is a nice group of mechs - even the Cougar, which I expected to be the disappointment, isn't completely horrible. In terms of balance, I don't think this pack causes a huge issue, with the Deathstrike being the only cause of concern I can see. So, I'm relatively content.

GMan129 is an officer of the Steel Jaguar competitive team, he is the owner of and writer for MetaMechs, and he does some writing for NGNG as well. He has been playing MechWarrior Online since the early days of closed beta, and has spent far too much time and money on this crap. If you're interested in supporting his self-destruction, consider checking out his Patreon!

It's been a week since the PTS ended, and I think I played more there than I have in the actual game for the last month. With that experience, I want to take a look at how the new mechs in the Civil War Escalation pack might turn out, and adjust some of the old thoughts I had about the original Civil War pack. The latter is coming out in just a week, but hopefully I can call out a couple interesting builds worth trying out while I work on the review.

The main focus is going to be the Escalation pack, and the PTS itself. I'm personally very excited about the Nova Cat coming in, since it's always been my favorite mech aesthetically speaking (I had it as my desktop wallpaper for years as a kid), but the Nightstar and Arctic Wolf have their own assets to be excited about. Can't say I'm such a huge fan of the Osiris, but I've never been a lights fan anyways.

So let's get it out of the way first.



  • Endo, Ferro (LA Stripped, Head at 7, max elsewhere), XL280 (151.2 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 5x ER Medium Laser
  • 14 DHS
Could be hot, in both senses of the word. It should blow the other 30-ton IS laserboats out of the water, but that's not really saying much, and its job should be done better by 35-tonners like the Jenner and Firestarter. We'll see about quirks.

  • Endo, Ferro (Arms Stripped, Head at 9, max elsewhere), XL255 (137.7 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 3x Light PPC
  • 11 DHS
This is the build I'm most excited about. The problem is, it's gonna be hot. You can squeeze in an extra heatsink by dropping some jets and/or some speed, but that's it. Still, this should be the killer variant since it can also do all the laser builds.

  • Endo, Ferro (RA Stripped, Head at 7, max elsewhere), XL255 (137.7 KPH)
  • 3x MRM10 w/ 3.5 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
This is an pretty bad build, for a pretty bad mech. There are some SRM builds that would work better, but not by enough to be worth mentioning. And hey, MRMs are cool!

  • Endo, Ferro (Arms Stripped, Head at 9, max elsewhere), XL265 (143.1 KPH), 2 JJs
  • Snub-Nose PPC
  • 2x Heavy MGs w/ 2 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
A super weak poptart with some HMG backup? It's not gonna break any damage records, but it could make for a good harasser and/or finisher if it doesn't ever meet another light mech.

  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 5, max elsewhere), XL255 (137.7 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 2x ER Medium Laser
  • 4x Heavy MGs w/ 3 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
Small Pulses were the original thought process, but it's already running ridiculously cool. It's a pretty similar concept to the OSR-2V build, but with way less of a focus on harassing and more of one on actual late-game brawling.

  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 5, max elsewhere), XL255 (137.7 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 4x MPLs
  • 11 DHS
How boring is that? Yeah I don't see much potential for new in this variant, unless you want a super-fast double LPPC boat.


  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 67, max elsewhere), STD325 (55.4 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/10 w/ 6 tons of ammo
  • 4 Medium Lasers
  • 16 DHS
I think this is going to be a really hot build, but the damage it can throw out should be pretty great. I wish I could slap in ER Meds instead of regular ones, but I feel like you'd never get to shoot them. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 67, max elsewhere), XL340 (58 KPH)
  • 2x Gauss w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 2x PPC
  • 14 DHS
Here's hoping it's got skinny side torsos! The build's pretty basic, and probably will work better on the King Crab (not to mention the many many Clan versions), but I didn't see much else worth doing.

  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 59, max elsewhere), LFE320 (54.6 KPH), 1 JJ
  • 2x Gauss w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 3x Light PPC
  • 14 DHS
This is one of the variants worth being excited about. And here's the thing - if PGI actually doesn't slap ghost heat on the UAC/20 (and I'm sure they will), that'll instantly make this variant absolutely badass, and not at all worth running Gauss on. This variant also runs most of the other builds I'm gonna be talking about better than on the originally-listed variant, just by virtue of not having as many actuators.

  • Endo, Armor (either arm stripped, Legs at 67, max elsewhere), LFE325 (55.4 KPH)
  • 3x UAC/10 w/ 8 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS
This is the other variant to look out for. Not only can it do this sweet triple UAC/10 build (assuming they don't slap ghost heat on that too), it can do my personal favorite Civil War tech build:
  • Endo, Armor (either arm stripped, Legs at 67, max elsewhere), STD305 (52 KPH)
  • 2x Heavy Gauss w/ 6 tons of ammo
  • Snub-Nose PPC (either arm)
  • 10 DHS
Which I freely admit isn't the best, but it's still fun as hell.

  • Endo, Armor (either arm stripped, Legs at 67, max elsewhere), LFE325 (55.4 KPH)
  • 2x UAC/5 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 2x UAC/2 w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 2x ER Medium Laser
  • 13 DHS, ECM
This build is actually pretty close to stock. I originally made builds for all the Escalation mechs a while ago and never got around to doing the write-up, and back then the build I was looking at used RAC/2s. Hopefully they get fixed, but in their PTS state I don't think that'd be a great idea.

Wolf Phoenix
  • Endo, Armor (either arm stripped, the other at 30, Legs at 60, max elsewhere), LFE325 (55.4 KPH)
  • 4x MRM30 w/ 8 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS
I'm still an MRM fanboi, but I wasn't particularly impressed by them on the PTS. I do think they have their value, though, and despite having to stagger fire these to avoid ghost heat, it's a fun build and worked out pretty well for me personally (120 damage is 120 damage).

Arctic Wolf

This is a weird one because there are both omnimech and nonmnimech variants. I think we can make it through.

SRMs (omni)
  • Endo, Ferro (either arm stripped, Head at 17, max elsewhere), XL240 (97.2 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 4x Artemis SRM6 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 13 DHS
It's like a slightly slower Javelin with Artemis and extra heatsinks. Could be a great value for the tonnage and one of the best builds, but it's not super new and it's a bit slow for me.

LRMs (omni)
  • Endo, Ferro (either arm stripped, Head at 17, max elsewhere), XL240 (97.2 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 3x Artemis LRM10 w/ 5.5 tons of ammo
  • 11 DHS, ECM
It actually looks like it'd be a half decent LRMer for the tonnage. It's not much more powerful than the Light LRM boats that the clans already have, but the Artemis, ECM, and jumpjets could set it apart.

ER Meds (omni)
  • Endo, Ferro (Max Everywhere), XL240 (97.2 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 6x ER Medium Laser
  • 20 DHS, TC1
This build could be really quite swell! Again, the speed is a bit low for a 40-tonner, but that's a lot of heatsinks, way more than you get out of the other low-weight ER Med boats.

ER Larges (omni)
  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL240 (97.2 KPH), 3 JJs
  • 2x ER Large Laser
  • 3x ER Small Laser
  • 18 DHS
If the side torso mounts are high, this could turn out to be a great little sniper, like the Purifier but with way more heatsinks and backup weapons in case for when it gets caught.

  • Endo, Ferro (either arm stripped, Head at 17, max elsewhere), XL270 (109.4 KPH)
  • 7x SRM4 w/ 5 tons of ammo
  • 16 DHS
It's gonna run hot, and there are no jumpjets, but that's an insane build for a 40 tonner. I'm starting to question my math, it's so absurd.

  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL265 (107.3 KPH)
  • 3x Streak SRM6 w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • 2x ER Small Laser
  • 13 DHS, CAP
It leaves a bit to be desired in terms of firepower, and ideally I'd like it to run faster to catch those pesky lights too, but it should still do a good job of hunting the buggers down.

Blood Kit
  • Endo, Ferro (Head at 12, max elsewhere), XL265 (107.3 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 2x Heavy Large Laser
  • 2x ER Medium Laser
  • 17 DHS
It's simple and not that great, but heavy lasers will do huge damage, though you have to stare for a while. A fast mech like the Wolf might be able to get away with it on some good flanks. Or it might just get killed.

Nova Cat

Laser Vomit
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 59, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH)
  • 2x Large Pulse Laser
  • 5x Medium Pulse Laser
  • 26 DHS, TC1
It's a straight-up mini-Supernova. It's short 3 heatsinks, a MPL, and a jumpjet, but at least it goes faster and weighs 20 tons less. I'm sure it'll be one of the more popular options (if nothing drastic changes tech-wise).

  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 48, either arm at 34, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH)
  • 4x ER PPC
  • 26 DHS
You can swap out some or all of the PPCs out for Large Pulses obviously (and I think I'll be running 2 and 2) for better heat efficiency, but any way you run it should be fantastic.

Poptart #1
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 56, Right Arm at 34, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH), 2 JJs
  • Gauss Rifle w/ 2.5 tons of ammo
  • 2x ER PPC
  • 21 DHS
I'm not sure whether or not this will move in on the Night Gyr's turf (better convergence and, I would guess, agility, but less damage and jumpjets), but I'm sure it'll be strong in its own right. Possible competition for the Timber Wolf at the very least (look at all those heatsinks!)

Poptart #2
  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 59, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH), 4 JJs
  • 2x Gauss Rifle w/ 4 tons of ammo
  • ER PPC
  • 11 DHS
We saw a mini-Supernova before, so here's a mini-Night Gyr. It's straight up identical, save for a few tons that would get spent on a TC, or backup weapons, or excessive ammo, or pointless heatsinks. If the agility's good...

  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 51, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH), 2 JJs
  • 4x UAC/5 w/ 8.5 tons of ammo
  • 11 DHS
It's not as good as the Dakka you can do on the Night Gyr, but it's not bad at all. I'm not a fan of it all being in the arms (and if you want, you can drop a UAC/5 for a PPC to get something in your torso at least), but it's a solid dakka build to be sure.

  • Endo, Armor (Legs at 59, max elsewhere), XL280 (64.8 KPH), 4 JJs
  • 6x Streak SRM6 w/ 7 tons of ammo
  • 19 DHS, BAP
Certainly one of the strongest streak boats in the game, but the speed makes it almost a non-starter. If you can get a bead on a light, they're toast, but good luck.

Value & P2W

Guys, the Nova Cat might be really good. Like, really really good. Like, Night Gyr-level good. Like a little Night Gyr that does basically the same thing and can also run a sick af laser vomit build. As long as you pre-ordered the reinforcement variants, that is. As such, I definitely recommend going for the reinforcements if you're planning on getting the pack and want to play any of the ballistic builds, but you can skip the Hero.

And the same could be said (though possibly to a lesser extent) of the Arctic Wolf. The crazy SRM build on the ARC-1 could easily be competition-worthy - certainly in any leagues based on tonnage rather than class - but the variants you get in the standard pack aren't that impressive due in large part to their low speed (though they're still pretty good).

The Nightstar also has a few variants that I expect to be significant. For the most part, it's a lighter King Crab (with better hitboxes), but the NSR-9S's energy mounts (particularly on the head and CT) set it apart, and the NSR-9P looks more like a faster Annihilator than anything else. And the ECM Dakka variant looks like it could be pretty good, too.

The Osiris looks fine, but I don't think it'll be something worth worrying about.

So, how do I feel about this pack? Not great. I love the Nova Cat, and most of the mechs bring some cool new stuff, but this is a mix of P2W and P2Optimize that I really don't feel comfortable with. I hate just throwing around the P2W term, and I really don't know if this stuff is P2W (obviously I haven't played with it yet), but the Nova Cat and Arctic Wolf both have the potential to be best-in-class. Though, I'd rate the chance at maybe 30%. Still too high, but the Night Gyr will probably still be better than the Nova Cat, and the Hunchback IIC and Huntsman both will probably be better choices than the Arctic Wolf.

I really don't like the P2Optimize, though. For the Nova Cat, you're stuck with 1 or 2 interesting laser builds without the reinforcements, which add Gauss poptarting (which I expect to be some of the most popular Nova Cat builds, probably a tie with Laser Vomit really) and Dakka. And the crazy Arctic Wolf build that sets the chassis apart requires you to get the Reinforcements. As for the Nightstar, 2 of the 3 variants that I'm excited about (and which are probably going to be the best) are Reinforcements.

It's rough, dude.

Civil War Pack #1 Adjustments

After getting some exposure to the new weapons on the PTS, I wanna give a brief revision to my prior thoughts.

First off, if RACs don't get some love (and honestly, even if they do) my main Annihilator build I'm looking forward to is as follows:
  • Structure, Light Ferro (either arm stripped, Legs at 64, max elsewhere), LFE300 (48.6 KPH)
  • 5x UAC/5 w/ 9.5 tons of ammo
  • 10 DHS
At long last, I'll get to achieve my dreams of 5 UAC/5s on an IS mech. Unfortunately, it's exactly as slow as a Dire Wolf. Some other notable mentions include 6 UAC/2s, various mixes of UAC/20s and UAC/10s, and of course, my best friend H.G. Snubs.

Also, most of my Mad Cat MKII builds don't look like they'll be that great. I'm still a believer in ATMs (the damage is insane in the right situation), but I'm not liking the current state of Heavy Lasers. On the bright side, double Gauss double Peeps will still be alive and well, as will the crazy brawling build.

As for the Uziel, a lot of those builds require modification. The Heavy Gauss isn't strong enough to be the only weapon on the mech, so I'd replace that with an LFE UAC/20 build, maybe with some energy backup. 2 MRM40s produce ghost heat, so that build would go to 2 MRM30s. Also, the Heavy PPC build will be way too hot, so I'll revise that to use an XL280, only 2 jumpjets, and drop some armor to net 2 extra heatsinks. It probably will still be really hot, but at least it'll be better, and that still sounds like a damned good build.

I hope the Cougar gets some decent quirks.

PTS Thoughts

Just thought I'd write down a few things I've got kicking around my brain. Some of which you've probably figured out if you've read through this whole post.
  • Builds using Heavy Gauss & Snub Nose are super fun (Sleipnir is the best at them of the mechs currently in the game). The ridiculous max range on these weapons means 2 of each (70 damage at 200m) still does 50 damage at, like, 400m, and 25 at 600m. Still not competitive, though.
  • 2 UAC/20s without ghost heat is ridiculous. Especially now that they have ammo.
  • ATM min range is still really rough and I don't think it needs to be that long (I'm still a 90m advocate), but their damage at short range is insane. But their tracking is terrible. Honestly I wish they would just replace the LRM flight pattern with the one for ATMs, and then make something new for ATMs.
  • RACs feel super buggy and don't last for nearly long enough.
  • MRMs are really fun, but I think they need to go faster to be good.
  • I don't like heavy lasers.
  • I kinda like ER Micros.
  • A stealth armor CDA-3M with 3 LPPCs is hilarious.
Anyways, thanks for reading.

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